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Your pet's health is our #1 concern

Welcome to the Coronado Animal Clinic

Your pet's health is our number one concern.

Our website has been designed to enable new and established clients to communicate with our hospital staff better and to inform you of topics relevant to your pet’s well being. Thank you for visiting Coronado Animal Clinic.

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Welcome to the Coronado Animal Clinic

Your pet's health is our number one concern.

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Committed to Quality Care and Compassionate, Professional Service.


We know that life can be hectic and remembering all the things you have scheduled can be difficult. The staff of the Coronado Animal Clinic realizes this and we will keep you updated on upcoming appointments for your pet. After your pet has visited our clinic for surgery or illness our staff will make a follow up contact to check the status of your pet and allow you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about your pet's recovery. We believe communication between the client and the clinic is a vital aspect of veterinary care.

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Routine care

Preventative care is the cornerstone of healthy pets. Puppies and kittens should be started on vaccinations at 6 weeks of age and boostered every 3 weeks until they are 4 months old. These first sets of vaccines are crucial to get strong immunity from disease. We provide a full range of vaccines for cats, dogs and ferrets. Most vaccines are now reliable for three years but we recommend annual physical exams to monitor your pet' s health. Heartwporm prevention is encouraged for all dogs and cats in our practice.

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All patients will receive pre op and post op pain medications as part of the surgical procedure. Pain control will reduce stress on the body and allow better healing.

All surgical procedures are performed with Radiosurgery. This device produces a radiowave that cuts the tissue. It provides better hemostasis and reduces swelling post operatively versus a scalpel. Spays and neuters are the most common surgeries performed at our clinic. We also provide orthopedic procedures including cruciate injury repair and fracture repair. We do neurosurgery including hemilaminectomies and dorsal laminectomies. We have performed a number of different soft tissue surgeries including bladder, kidney, liver and intestinal procedures. Tumor removals and debulking are done with frequency at our practice.

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We provide radiology and ultrasound procedures for your pet. We have a full in-house lab including blood cell counter and blood chemistry analyzer. We are fortunate to have two outside laboratories that assist us with more complex and more thorough testing. We also do in-house testing for Heartworm disease, Feline Leukemia and intestinal parasites.

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If a pet does not have a permanent form of identification less then 10% are ever reunited with their families. The City of El Paso passed an ordinance in 2006 that requires all cats, dogs and ferrets residing inside the city limits have a microchip for permanent identification. We provide microchipping services using Home Again microchips. The chip numbers are sent to the city and to Home Again for you for registration.

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We perform routine dental cleanings nearly every day at our practice. Each tooth in your pet's mouth is examined for signs of disease. All healthy teeth are scaled including root planning to remove tartar. The teeth are the polished to smooth the surface. Oral surgeries including tooth extraction, tumor removal and fracture repair are also available.

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